County Of Simcoe


Create a learning management system to handle over 3,000 users in 12 departments. Required features included:

  • Reporting at the user, department, and division level
  • Ability to create course material by department.
  • Single Sign On (SSO).


Premergency configured an instance of PREVOLUTION LMS with key enterprise plugins including:

  • User Sets / Curriculums - courses based on job role and dept.
  • Document Management System - certification tracking (cert locker)
  • Advanced Classroom - course scheduling and registration system with approval workflow

Unlike a public cloud solutions, our single sign on security in a your private cloud allows the County of Simcoe to maintain security while giving the flexibility of their employees to sign on with any device.

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  • To date Simcoe has a library of over 100 courses developed internally at no additional cost for outsourcing.
  • Over 30% saving on training cost in 1 year.
  • The ability to automate expiration and renewal notifications. Reached high levels of compliance