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Learning Solutions designed to enhance Critical Thinking, and boost performance and confidence in the user.

Online Learning

OnSite Training

Blended Learning

Micro Learning

Online Learning

Securely accesible and responsive Online Learning through PREACTION LMS.
Innovative Course Authoring capabilities. Custom plugins for better workflow.

Online Learning is a new opportunity to improve training with benefits for the organization and its employees.

  • Secure login for every user.
  • Compliance training and features to stay up-to-date.
  • Interactive Custom Courses for any industry.
  • User Management and Targeted Content.
  • Out of the box and Custom Reporting.
  • Custom Plugins and IT Solutions.
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Adaptable to every industry, our On-Site Courses teach workers how to be safe, keep everyone prepared and ready to respond.

Our Training experts have extensive professional experience in Emergency Response, Occupational Health & Safety, and HealthCare.

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Online and On-site are combined to promote better time management and proactivity.

In our online training, the learner will gain the confidence and knowledge they need for the Live Training experience.

The On-Site Training will teach and reinforce the skills and capabilities needed to respond and prevent emergencies.

Our Blended Courses

Micro Learning

Bite-sized content to maximize results and improve retention. Push technology through our mobile app will leverage small timeframes during the day to deliver quality training and keep the learner engaged.

Let Us Work Together to Develop Great Courses

We can help you create courses with innovative learning activities and formats to match your learner’s
needs. Interactivity and Convenience for every user, and Custom Plugins to complement a great Training Experience.

Maximize your results with highly engaging and dynamic courses. Want to know more? Just send us a message!