A name and a purpose… What’s that name again?

Many people have always asked us why we are called Premergency. Some people agree with the name. Some say we should change it. But all of them are talking about it. (wink)

Not everyone knows that our name stands for our roots, our history. But most importantly, it represents in a solid way, our purpose. 

Premergency started as an idea on a napkin. That idea had one goal: deliver better training solutions through technology to educate Emergency Medical Services at any time, anywhere. 


It’s the combination of two words: PRE, meaning before; and Emergency. The concept was very simple – before an emergency. 

Our services were focused on training around Emergency Response through online learning. But eventually, we expanded our business by developing solutions that appealed to organizations in different industries. 

We solidified our approach to professional education and development with new technologies and learning methods. Always thinking that our main objective was not just to provide a service to an organization, but to help professionals build upon their skills and grow. 

Throughout the years, we heard a few times someone asking why we don’t change our name. We have a very simple answer to that: it helps us stay true to our purpose. 

We want to help others to build their capacities and be prepared. Prepared for every challenge in their way, and to have the confidence to face it and succeed. 

Our purpose allowed us to understand how our community builds relationships. Within our community, we have many characters, from clients to users to our team members and more. And to provide value to them we focus on what matters most and ask ourselves a question: 

How can we help them grow?

The easy answer would be to just implement a Learning Management System. But the obvious secret is not about the solutions itself. It’s about the relationship. 

Connect with them. Understand who is part of that relational cycle that is the foundation of your relationship. Supplier – Client – Users. And back again. 

Each stage of that cycle provides value to the other. Go beyond the data. Talk about perception, experiences, desires, and create a solution that helps them be one step ahead, to be prepared. 

Going back to our name. Preparation is the first step for growth. Yes, our name sounds pretty much like “emergency”. But it made us who we are, and that preparation showed us how to help others to expand their knowledge, skill, and capacities to succeed in an ever-changing world and within different industries. 

Premergency, it’s a name focused on helping others. Helping professionals and organizations to learn at their convenience, empower others with tools and learning experiences, and to connect at a human level to help each other. 

We are going to keep it. Because overall, we want to help people -professionals and organizations- to be prepared and grow. 

And let’s be honest, it grows on you. What do you think? 


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