Connect Your Ideas And Don’t Throw That Away!

What helps you connect your ideas and bring them to this world? 

We have all heard about the famous “Aha! Moment” or maybe about the fact that many people get great ideas during a shower. But almost no one talks about the ensuing action that takes place at that very moment and initiates the creative process. 

Many ideas go to waste because people don’t write them down. And, well, the human mind, as powerful as it is, likes to forget things.  

Ideas do not discriminate. Every piece of paper can be like a blank canvas. They really don’t care; they just want to come into this world and grow. 

So, what piece of paper could see so many thoughts written down born out of passion, “aha!” moments or just a fruitful conversation? One that has been with us longer than our phones, and in many more places than our notebooks. 

A napkin. creativity and ideas on a napkin

The funny thing is – they were not even made for this! But put together a napkin with a pen and you instantly have an idea producing machine. 

You’ll find them anywhere. Restaurants and cafés, in your office, your house, at the after-office local pub. I bet there is one in your car right now. They act as omnipresent notebooks. But you can fold this one, put it in your pocket and take it anywhere. 

So, why not use them to create and connect? 

Napkins are a catalyst that fuels spontaneous ideas just as if you were throwing bark into a fire. They are a magnet that pulls your thoughts out of your head. They have no limits and they allow you to develop an idea that, probably, would just be stuck as a single thought in your head until you forget about it. 

Sooner than later, that napkin becomes so entangled with what you wrote, that the paper itself is no longer fit to achieve its original purpose. But it has a greater one. They no longer are two different things. One is a clear representation of the other. Neither of them exists without the other.  

This is when that small piece of paper becomes a leading element of the story.

As a catalyst, it starts a creative process because it gives you an impulse to execute your project. And as stated by Newton, every action has a reaction. Your idea is now part of this world.  

Now there is a clear beginning. It is up to you to define the next steps. Connect ideas and develop them to produce value.

That is how Premergency was born. Out of the combination of key elements and passions that shaped our purpose. And in our case, the napkin was the beginning, it acted as a catalyst during a lunch meeting and started a chain of events that is still going on today.  

Since that “napkin moment”, our Creative Process has evolved in a way that allows us to focus on our purpose and to develop key solutions for our clients. By extension, solutions that have a positive impact on our communities. 

It’s a process focused on understanding and Critical Thinking that leads the way for our projects and technological innovation. But to execute it, we keep in mind a few things to be sure that we are doing it right.

Writing an idea down on that napkin was the first action that fueled our growth for over ten years, and now, we are proud to say that we have amazing relationships with our clients and great partnerships. 

It worked as a catalyst after something inspiring triggered the idea of helping people through education technology. 

Today, Premergency is in three different countries helping organizations to empower their workforce through Learning and Development solutions, thanks to that piece of paper that captured and expanded that first idea. 

It all comes down to this: next time, don’t throw that napkin away. Leverage your catalysts to expand the limits of your idea and allow it to be born into this world. Explore creativity and connect your ideas with your goals and passions to create and offer valuable solutions to others, while enjoying what you do.

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