Industries around the globe are facing new challenges every day, from new legislation to technologies to working methods. Organizations need to apply strategies that can address the needs of their employees for training and constant learning. Ultimately creating a sustainable learning and development strategy across departments. 

On the other hand, we have the learners – employees and professionals – who must develop new skills, learn new techniques and concepts, explore around theory and understand different perspectives to be able to produce valuable work towards their objectives. 

Think about the amount of information that professionals have to face every day. Then add the requirements they must deal with for new training.

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We know that Online Learning provides an excellent vehicle for these needs. A Learning Management System offers solutions online to produce, distribute and track learning and training in the organization.

But lately, those needs that we have always been aware of, have changed. Corporate Education has evolved in a way that is not only about sharing theoretical content with your employees.

Now, it is about practical learning through interactive activities, fostering Social Learning and adaptable technology for convenience and engagement.

It is about providing a complete Learning Experience that can offer value in different dimensions. From Learning to Relationships to Development.  

However, we need to think about the bigger picture and understand the cycle around the experience and who is involved in it. 

At Premergency, we focus on the Relational Cycle around Online Learning platforms. Understanding how each character is related to the other and to their functions and needs allows us to develop better solutions that aim to enhance the Learning Experience. 

But that’s not all! We wanted to expand that experience by integrating solutions that would allow the user to execute an efficient workflow within its scope of work and help improve the overall team’s performance. 

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An Advanced Learning Experience Network

Years ago, through Moodle, we leveraged the opportunity to create Learning Solutions for our clients by designing a custom LMS with several options for development. 

Throughout the years, we expanded our Development Strategies and created unique solutions based on understanding our clients, their users and the evolving markets around them. 

Needs, requirements, expectations, behaviours, and more – it’s a big list of what shapes a complete experience, especially with Adult Learners. 

So, we considered each point to create an online network that can expand its capabilities, adapt to specific workflow needs and create dynamic and interactive Learning Plans with activities, apps and software integration, custom plugins, and being able to grow alongside the organization. 

Today, we present ALEN, an Advanced Learning Experience Network focused on integrating key experiences to enhance performance, offer valuable learning and help professionals build their skills and capacities towards their goals. 

Through ALEN, teams can access online courses and learning activities while tracking their performance. The organization’s Champion can create cooperative environments for the employees and segment the activities based on departments or user sets.

Learning and Training are now more accessible and convenient, with better engagement rates and options to develop unique interactive courses. 

Empowering your LMS

ALEN works towards one objective: to empower professionals and organizations with unique solutions to help them grow.  

To achieve this objective, we created plugins to empower our platform with the right tools to provide efficient workflow solutions. 

These are add-ons that connect data and synchronize the functionality of the LMS to provide a complete view of the processes involved or the performance of a user within their course experience.

From establishing and tracking Corporate Policies, to managing required Documents, to creating custom Forms and much more. 

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Our Learning Management System, ALEN, helps us leverage Learning and Development strategies across departments. And its growth potential allows us to create expandable solutions to provide and integrate experiences that will evolve according to the needs of the organization. 

So we focused our efforts on creating a platform that can be as versatile as its users, and help to establish and execute sustainable Learning and Development strategies. 

Interested in our Learning Experience Network? Contact us or Request a Demo to ALEN-ize your organization and discover how we can help your organization to deliver exceptional learning and training experiences.